Introducing Savewise: Money. Like a genius.

We’re thrilled to announce the founding of Savewise – a collection of modern money tools designed to help you save money and make it go further.


You work hard for your money. It shouldn’t be so hard to make it work for you.

Money tips and financial advice are everywhere, but it can be difficult to find ones that matter to you, and even harder to put them into play.

With the right tools, we believe everyone can be savvy with money.

Savewise aspires to empower everyone to navigate with money matters like a genius.

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What We’re Building

We are building a collection of tools that will make it easier for you to save money, get more value out of the money you spend, and feel more confident about your finances.

We’re starting with 4 products that we think will help everyone, and will continue to build more over time.

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Savewise Cashback: a search engine and browser extension to compare cashback offers across every shopping portal and online store, so you get the best cash back offer on every purchase (In Beta)

Savewise Price Tracker: a shopping assistant that alerts you when items on your wish list go on sale, so you never pay full price. (Coming soon)

Savewise Subscription Monitor: an AI-powered agent that keeps an eye on your subscriptions for price increases and unwanted renewals, and provides step-by-step guide on how to cancel them. (Coming soon)

Savewise Points: the one-stop resource to help you get the most value out of your credit card points and perks. It’s like Google Flights for your credit card rewards and miles. (Coming soon)

Over time, we will continue to learn from our customers on additional ways we can help them save money and automate the best money hacks to put more money back in our customers’ wallets.

Our Philosophy

We’re building this company to help people save money and make every day money matters easier, a mission that is deeply personal to us.

We believe it’s important to build for our customers with craft & quality, solve their problems completely, and to grow patiently. We don’t believe in rapid growth at any cost, which often results in companies failing to deliver quality products to their existing customers in pursuit of new ones.

To abide by our principles, we plan to take little to no outside investment while building these products (aka we’re bootstrapping this company for as long as we can).

We look forward to building out this company and collection of modern money tools to help people like you with every day money matters.

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